Becoming Eco-Friendly

Regardless of the side of the aisle you stand on in the current talk about global warming, I think it’s safe to say that most everyone has started to agree that eco-friendlier practices, such as green home construction/remodel, are becoming more important, and more prevalent in use.  The movement for the use of reclaimed lumber, for example (although trendy and hip), has been a huge benefit, although the costs of using it can be considerable, depending upon the project. But there are other ways to be more eco-conscious you may not think of. Here are a few (there are many, many more) to get you thinking about eco-friendlier remodel/building practices.

A clean jobsite
A clean work site is important, and there shouldn’t be trash everywhere, bottles from water and paper litter from building materials accumulating, blowing away with the wind, scattering throughout the neighborhood. A quality jobsite looks clean, professional.

Rehab old materials in a remodel
Often people consider remodels to be a complete tear down: thinking out with the old, etc. But consider the character that can be refurbished by rehabbing old materials such as windows.  Windows don’t always have to be replaced, but they can be rehabbed.  Brought up to the standards of more energy efficient models.  Some older windows in homes have so much character it would be an absolute shame to be rid of them. Also, shopping for materials like doorknobs or cabinet handles, drawer pulls, etc. is a great way to not only be eco-friendlier, but to bring character to your home.

Recycling is important for so many reasons, but when you have appliances you’ve replaced, and those appliances still work, consider donating them, or possible giving them away before sending them off to clutter the local landfill. If, however, the appliances are no longer in working order, it’s important to recycle them properly. Consider taking it to a proper recycling center.

There are many other ways to be more eco-conscious, including adopting newer technologies such as solar panels, etc. If you have any questions as to the process of getting started in some of these new technologies, give Bruce Tall Construction a call.

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How Snow and Ice Impact Your Roof

It’s every homeowner’s dream to enjoy their winter safe and keep warm round the clock. All set for winter? While a good number rushes to the internet for affordable winter tips, only a handful of them remember to guard their houses against impending ice and snow storms. Worse, the accumulation of snow and ice on the roof top could be detrimental if not removed for a long time.

Stress on the roof

Ice build-up on your roof could cause you the worst nightmare when it caves in because of the accumulated weight of snowfall. When the temperatures hit below the freezing point, rain water flows to the lowest point of your roof and condenses to form large ice blocks. As the ice blocks increase, their weight also increases, thus creating stress on the roof. The risk of roof leaks and cave-ins escalates every time there’s a hail storm.

The freeze/thaw cycles

Nothing’s more potentially dangerous than water creeping in the tiniest spaces of your roof during winter. Water tends to freeze and expand the cracks. When there’s little heat (just enough to melt the ice), the expanded space accommodates more water which then freezes again and expands the cracks wider. Subsequent freeze and thaw cycles continue posing more leaking and cave-in risks for your roof.

Reduced roof lifespan

As snow and ice continue to accumulate on the roof top, the reinforcements weaken and cracks expand further. Sooner than later, your roof will be a ticking bomb; a strong wind could actually blow it away. If there your rooftop has visible cracks and serious leaks, its replacement time is due.

Having a proper roof maintenance plan is the ultimate solution to saving your roof from the unanticipated troubles. When purchasing roofing materials, consider those with tough substrates. Asphalt shingle roofs have weak reinforcement, hence they’re susceptible to being bent by the weight of the ice. Find a roof maintenance expert and task him/her to remove any accumulation of snowfall deeper than 5 inches.

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Winterizing The Roof Checklist

Winter will be here before you know it, and it can do a number on your roof if you aren’t prepared for it. Before the snow starts to fall, take special precautions with these roof winterization tips.

Inspect Your Roof
Before you do anything else, you will want to make sure that your roof is in good condition. You can inspect with binoculars from the ground if you have to, but the best way to get a good look at your roof is to climb on top of it. Look for issues such as missing, bald and cracked shingles, damaged flashing, moss growth and clogged gutters. If you see any serious issues, contact a roofing contractor to get them fixed as soon as possible. 

Keep Your Gutters Clear
Your gutters are intended to drain water away from your roof. They may not work as well with ice and snow, but they should be kept clean regardless. As the snow on your roof melts, it should drain safely via your gutters to the ground. Keep an eye on your gutters to make sure the water doesn’t freeze over and create an ice dam. That will cause water to pool in one place and do serious damage to your roof, especially if your shingles are damaged. 

Check Your Insulation
The insulation in your home will keep you warm during the winter, but it can also affect the state of your roof. Before it gets too cold and wet outside, have a contractor check the insulation in your attic to make sure it is in good condition. The last thing you want is to deal with wet or moldy insulation just underneath your roof.

While it is important to winterize your entire home before the snow starts to fall, your roof should definitely be a top priority. It is the most important part of your home’s structure, so you want to be sure it is in good condition sooner rather than later.

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