3 Things New Homeowners Need to Know about the Roof

If you are a first-time homeowner and have recently purchased your new home, there are some things that you need to be aware of. With homeownership comes huge responsibilities. Some of those responsibilities are more costly than others.  Therefore, the more you know about your home the more money it could save you in the long run; especially when it comes to knowing things about your roof, which is one of the most expensive parts of owning a home. Below are three things that every new home owner needs to know about the roof of their home.

  1. Your Overall Roofing System

Your roofing system includes many parts, all of which can protect you and your family while providing safety, comfort and a lower energy bill. The components of your roofing system consist of the following:

  • The Attic Space 
  • The Outer Layer 
  • The Gutters 
  • The Fascia
  • The Timber and
  • The Decking

2. Roofing Inspection and the Knowing Current Condition Of Your Roof

You will need to make regularly scheduled roof inspection a part of your home ownership responsibilities. That will allow a few things to take place:

  1. You will know the current condition of your roof at all times
  2. It will reduce major roofing problems from occurring

     III. It will reduce costly repairs

3. The Ice Dams

Depending on which part of the country you live in, it’s important to be sensitive to the ice dams that appear on your roof. Layers of Ice can build up on the eaves of your roof. They can also shift and penetrate through the material on your roof. They are extremely hazardous, especially when sliding and falling from the roof of your home.

Keeping abreast of these three areas will help you to maintain your roof and increase the lifecycle which is roughly 15 years.

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