4 Signs that It’s Time for a New Roof

As durable as your home’s roof may be, it won’t last forever. It will eventually need to be replaced, and here are four signs that will tell you when that time comes.

Your Roof is Over 25 Years Old

Most experts agree that a roof typically lasts between 20 and 25 years. That can vary depending on the type of roof and where your home is located, but you should at least expect to see signs of wear and tear if you’ve had the same roof for longer than two decades. This is especially true if your current roof was built over an existing layer instead of acting as a full replacement.

You Have Damaged or Missing Shingles

One good way to determine whether or not your roof is in good shape is to look at the shingles. If your shingles are curling, buckling, cracking, or otherwise damaged, you should at the very least consider getting them replaced. If you notice shingles missing altogether, it’s almost certainly time to replace your roof.

You Have Old Chimney Flashing

In older homes, chimney flashing might be made from roof cement or tar. While these materials may have sufficed once upon a time, there are better solutions available. This older flashing has a tendency to leak or otherwise become compromised in bad weather, so replace it with metal flashing or something that is built to last.

You See Daylight Through the Roof Boards

If you go into your attic and notice daylight between your roof boards, your roof definitely needs to be replaced. You may also notice that your roof has an odd spongy feel when you walk on it. Either way, it means your roof is at the end of its life. It clearly cannot provide your home with any protection from the elements and has practically become a safety hazard. Contact a roofing professional in your area to install a new roof.

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