Hardwood vs Laminate Flooring, new hom contractor billings mt

Hardwood vs Laminate Flooring

The flooring trend for today’s modern homeowner is definitely either hardwood or laminate (tile and vinyl are also popular choices in the bathroom and or kitchen).  But, which material will be best in your home?  Both materials have a beautiful, lasting look that you can admire for years, and both materials even look similar.  Why then choose one over the other?


Laminate flooring is less costly than hardwood.  It’s made of synthetic materials usually designed to resemble hardwoods.  The design choices of laminates are practically endless, and you can tour any big box hardware store and find countless options in various prices.  Also, laminates are generally much less expensive than hardwoods. 

Hardwood vs Laminate Flooring, new hom contractor billings mt

Laminates are very durable, great for areas of high foot-traffic.  Also, because laminates are a synthetic material, they don’t scratch as easily as hardwoods, making most laminates dog toenail-friendly.  Also, because laminates usually have a top coat of resin, making them harder than most hardwoods, they are stain resistant, and resist moisture damage. 

Laminates are easy to put in place, because most laminate boards link together on a tongue and grooved edge.  The simplicity of installing a laminate floor, makes them a popular option for the average home DIY’er.    


Hard wood floors have a warmer feel than most laminates.  Also, because it’s actual wood, no two boards of hardwood will look exactly alike, because there are no two places on the board where the wood grain looks exactly the same. 

Hardwood floors are durable (homes one hundred plus years old may still have the original hardwood floors still in pristine condition).  However, because it’s wood, hardwood floors can be susceptible to damage.  Scratches, dents, liquid spills, etc., all can damage hardwoods.  Therefore, for most hardwood floors, durability involves finish. 

A quality contractor installing and finishing the hardwood floors is important to longevity.  Also, if your home has older hardwood floors that simply need to be refinished, a quality contractor can sand and refinish the floors to look as good as a new floor.  And, you would be bringing out some of the original, historic charm of the home.        

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Decks and Additions

Springtime means more time spent outside in the warmer weather, enjoying the longer days.  For those of you that enjoy your BBQ or your outdoor entertainment, maybe it’s time to consider a new outdoor living space.

Decks are classic, stylish, entertainment areas.  Decks can be built as custom as the homeowner’s imagination, especially if the deck can be built multiple stories.  Tiered decks can create entertainment spaces, which, for instance, can allow a full cookout area—complete with grills and tables—and an entirely different tier, in which people can entertain or relax.  One highly customizable area of the deck is the handrail.  The handrail can be built to match the deck, or it could even be a customized metal rail which adds flair and class.

Patios provide outdoor living spaces to even the simplest homes.  Patios can be built with either wood or concrete.  Concrete patios allow the best customization.  Concrete can be easily stained in any color that the homeowner chooses.  Also, concrete can be stamped in a pattern that adds style to what would otherwise be a smoothed concrete surface—these patterns can resemble brick paths, or even swirling designs.  Concrete Patios work well for outdoor cooking areas.  These are great places to add enormous BBQ grills.  Maybe even outdoor televisions, so even when you want to spend time outside you wont miss the game—there are televisions today that are completely weather-proof! 


Lighting is an important consideration in an outdoor living space.  If you have the new patio or deck it’s important that you install quality lighting to ensure that even if the party doesn’t wind down before it gets dark, it’ll still be possible to enjoy the outside space.  There’s numerous options for lighting that include everything from tiki torches to enormous, antiqued sconces.  Whichever designs you choose, make them as customized as the living space. 

If you’re one of those people that enjoy entertaining others outdoors in the summer, then remember that great movie line from Field of Dreams— “If you build it they will come”

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beware of storm chaser roofing contractors

Storm Chasers Vs. Bruce Tall Construction

Living in Montana, we are the perfect breeding ground for the post-storm blight known as “storm chasers.”

What’s a “Storm Chaser?” Following bouts of severe weather, these unscrupulous contractors descend upon unsuspecting Montanans like a plague of locusts.

Unlicensed and uninsured, these out-of-town contractors don’t care about the quality of their work. Storm Chasers just want to make a quick buck. Once your check clears, they don’t care anymore. They are gone and if you have any problems with your roof, well you are on your own and will have to pay someone else to fix it.

Storm Chasers simply want to get in and get out. Take everyone’s money and move on. And those are the nice ones!

Believe it or not there are even worse storm chasers, they will scare homeowner’s worse, scaring homeowners into paying large sums of money up front and then they leave town without doing any of the work. You are stuck because you don’t have enough information on who they really are or where they are really from.

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How Do You Spot Storm Chasers

  1. Check their license plates.

A company with out-of-state license plates is bad news. They don’t have register their vehicles with the State of Montana because they’re not moving here. They are here temporarily.

  1. Ask for a business address.

Most storm chasers will set up a P.O. Box instead of an actual office. Do they have a brick and mortar location? Ask for that address.

  1. Check with the Better Business Bureau.

If they aren’t listed with the Better Business Bureau chances are that they haven’t been in business long enough or they are a fly by night operation.

  1. Do they have a website and online reviews?

Do an internet search and see what is being said about them.

So how can you protect yourself from Storm Chasers?

It’s really easy really. Whenever hiring a contractor, always ask for three key documents:

* Contractor’s License
* Proof of Liability Insurance
* Proof of Workers’ Compensation Insurance

A contractor’s license is common knowledge. Without a license, you have no idea if this person or company is even qualified to replace your roof. This should be a prerequisite for the other required documents.

Make sure that provide proof of liability insurance! No matter who your roofing contractor is, you should always ask for proof of liability insurance. Roofing insurance is expensive because little mistakes can lead to costly repairs. Repairs that can be covered by Liability Insurance and not by you!

And finally check to see if they have Workers’ Compensation Insurance. If a worker falls off your roof and he’s not covered by worker’s compensation, guess who’s held responsible? You are! So protect yourself!

Even if you say that you didn’t they weren’t insured, you are still liable. The responsibility falls on the homeowner.

Why you should use Local Contractors

Local contractors like Bruce Tall Construction, Billings Best Roofer, rely on their reputation and referrals for business. A quality job and a happy customer are the lifeblood of Bruce Tall Construction, Billings Best Roofing Company! Dishonest local contractors do not stay in business.

Bruce Tall Construction has served the greater Billings area for over 15 years. We’ve worked hard to build our reputation as an honest, reliable roofing contractor. There are no unknowns with us. When you hire Bruce Tall Construction, you’re hiring a roofing contractor with an extensive history of quality work and customer satisfaction.

If your home or business suffered damage in the latest hail storm, please contact Bruce Tall Construction, today! Billings Best Roofer!

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How To Pay For Your New Roof

One of the things that we see over and over again is people who put off home projects for as long as they can. And truthfully, we are just as guilty. We all want put off projects that cost thousands of dollars for as long as possible. At Bruce Tall Construction, we understand this. That is why we do our best to make roofing, siding and gutters affordable for our customers.

How To Pay For Your New Roof

For many home owners, the insurance will pay for it if your roof has been damaged by hailstorms or wind. You would have to pay the deductible. That is much better than the entire amount. And did you know that you can purchase an Umbrella Policy with your home owner’s policy and that policy will cover your deductible. An Umbrella Policy just costs a few dollars a month and it’s worth it. So if your Insurance Agent hasn’t talked to you about an Umbrella Policy, then ask for one!

If your roof wasn’t damaged and it’s not covered by insurance, then you could take out a Home Equity Loan for the repairs or a small loan. The best solution is to have a savings account. Set aside for home emergencies like your air conditioner repairs  or a new furnace. Just putting a little amount of money in a savings account each month can really come in handy when these unexpected expenses arise.

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Please contact Bruce Tall Construction, Billings Best Roofer for all of your roofing needs. We can help you with your Insurance Company or help you figure out which payment option is best for you!

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Billings Best Roofer

Billings Best Roofer

 For a new roof at a professional standard, you will need a reliable and experienced Billings Roofer. Bruce Tall Construction can provide the high quality results that you are looking for at an affordable price. We can install custom roofs and help you to deal with your Insurance Company.  We are local and fully licensed and insured to provide your roofing installations, repair work, roof and gutter maintenance and much more. From basic leaky roof repairs and to complete roof replacements, you can depend on Bruce Tall Construction, Billings Best Roofer to get the job done on time and on budget. We are the Aurora roofers with an excellent eye for detail and a commitment to quality products and service.

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Bruce Tall Construction, Billings Best Roofer specialize in both residential and commercial roofing. We can install specialized low sloping roofing designed with commercial buildings in mind, or you can choose from our wide range of traditional slates, tiles and shingles. If your industrial storage buildings needs a roof or you have a school gym that needs a roof, we can help you.

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We also provide roofs for office developments and churches, wherever a roof is needed, our team can get the job done. If your home or business suffered damage in the latest hail storm, please contact Bruce Tall Construction, Billings Best Roofer today!

Roofing Contractors Billings MT

Roofing Contractors Billings MT

Are your looking for Roofing Contractors Billings MT?

Did you experience hail damage during the recent storm? If you answered yes, realize that this time of year can create some extreme weather including large hail and winds that can not only damage property but can cause physical harm as well. Take shelter and be prepared.

Roofing Contractors Billings MT

And while you are preparing, realize that with these storms come illegitimate roofing companies that look for ways to take advantage of homeowners just like when you are at your most vulnerable.

Make sure that you do your homework. Check references, every roofer should be able to provide the names and addresses of at least 2 clients/customers that they’ve done their roofs for. Make sure that any roofing contractor that you hire is licensed and bonded. Check with the Better Business Bureau.

Roofing Contractors Billings MT

Signs of Fraud from Roofing Contractors Billings MT


If a roofing contractor offers to pay your insurance deductible, that is a huge red flag. DO NOT let anyone talk you into an inflated price and then promise you that they will just overcharge your insurance company to get enough money to pay for your roof including the deductible. That is insurance fraud and you will be liable.

Roofing Contractors Billings MT

Signed Contract from Roofing Contractors Billings MT

Insist on a written contract before you allow a roofing contractor to start work on your house. Get a written estimate and DO NOT pay in cash. And only employ a licensed roofing contractor.

Roofing Contractors Billings MT

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Steel Buildings

The Montana countryside is full of barns. Ranch-style barns are an icon of the American West. Some of the barns you’ll see on the landscape were erected a century ago. Most barns are erected in two different styles: pole barns and steel reinforced barns. Pole barns are traditional structures in which poles are buried in the ground and used as supports for the roof. This type of construction is simple, although it’s definitely not a rugged, durable form of construction—but pole barns will continue to stand, with luck, for decades to come. Steel constructed barns, which give the appearance of pole barns, but with the added bonus of being truly durable, should continue to stand the test of time for the next century.

commercial construction billings mt, Steel Buildings Billings MT

There’s a few differences in the construction of both pole barns and steel-reinforced barns. Steel reinforced barns are constructed using steel columns that attach to a concrete foundation. Because of modern machinery, this makes the construction of the barn’s frame a quick process—quicker then a pole barn’s construction. The speed with which a steel reinforced barn can be built also makes the construction costs for the steel reinforced barn much cheaper. The steel barn frame is also highly weather resistant and resistant to mold. There’s no need for maintenance to the steel barn construction, and painting is not needed.

Steel barn frames are more expensive to build. It’s the upfront costs. Pole barns are less money to initially build, however there are other costs to consider for the life of the barn. A pole barns will need maintenance at some point in it’s life.   Steel reinforced barns also may not last as long as the steel reinforced barn, so there could be replacements costs, depending on the initial quality of the construction of the pole barn.

Steel reinforced barns are also much better for livestock. Pole barns can develop unsanitary conditions for the animal due to the style of the barn’s construction. A steel reinforced barn is a much better choice when the barn is to be used to house animals.

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Roofer Billings MT

Today’s homeowner has numerous choices as to the materials used to build a roof. There’s even a host of different style options. One option that most people don’t think of is metal—in fact it’s rare to see it as a material choice on most residential homes. The concept of the metal roof is associated with ruggedness, like a roof atop a cabin in the woods somewhere. And it has this distinction for good reason: metal is very durable, and there’s very little maintenance during the life of the roof. Also, a metal roof is a nice contrast over log walls. While a metal roof isn’t for everyone, here’s a few pros and cons to using them to top your home.

roofing installation and repair billings mt, Roofer Billings MT

The most obvious advantage to using metal building materials is metal’s durableness. A metal roof can last as long as the house—considering it’s properly installed. It’s resistant to mildew and rot. Obviously it wont easily damage in the event of fire; and, because of it’s hard, slick sides, it repels rain and snow easily. It’s also good at insulating a home: the metal itself does not have a high R-Value, but the space between the metal roof and the roof deck can be used for insulation. Also, because a metal roof doesn’t directly absorb the heat from the sun’s rays, it helps with keeping the midday heat at bay, thereby lowering the amount of air conditioning needed to cool the home on a warm day.

There are some drawbacks, however. One such drawback is the initial cost. While other roofing materials are as expensive—at least in initial purchase—the materials for a metal roof will cost more than more common building materials like an asphalt shingle. There’s also the sound factor. The sound of rain or hail on a metal roof is much louder than a roof covered in shingles. This could also be an advantage to owning a metal roof, if you’re someone who enjoys the soft, comforting sounds of rain. Also, metal roofs can dent—big hail can be a problem.

Metal roofs might not be for everyone. While it’s true that many metal roofs look beautiful and rustic atop a log cabin, it’s also a possibility with residential construction.

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