Cleaning and Maintaining Gutters

Cleaning and Maintaining Gutters

Even though you may not think about them very often, your home’s gutters are incredibly important when it rains. They are what keeps water from pooling on your roof and causing damage, and they will even allow water to flow away from your house and safely drain into your yard. Of course, this can only be done while your gutters are in good working condition. They need to be maintained and kept clean if they are to do their job.

Cleaning your gutters can be a challenge since it involves climbing up to your roof, but these tips should make things a little easier for you.

Cleaning Your Gutters from a Ladder

The easiest way to clean out your gutters is by using a ladder to reach them and pull out dirt and debris with a gloved hand and a scoop. It will take some time to get all of your gutters, but you can be sure that they will be clear when you are finished. It’s easiest to do this while the debris in your gutters is still wet and pliable.

If your roof isn’t too terribly steep, you can also stand directly on it and reach more of your gutters. Be very careful when you do this since it’s easy to assume that you can stand on your roof safely only to find that it is too steep after all. This does put you in a good position to use a leaf blower on your gutters, which is actually the preferred method for many professionals.

Flushing Your Gutters

Once most of the debris is cleared from your gutters, your next step is to flush them out. A hose with an on-off high-pressure nozzle will be able to take care of this. This can splatter mud onto your house. If this happens, the mud can be removed with a stiff scrub brush. You should be able to see the water flow from your drainpipes. If this isn’t the case, simply use a plumber’s auger to clear any obstruction that could be preventing the water and debris from flowing.

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Fall Rain Gutter Care Tips

As fall progresses to winter, and the trees completely shed their leaves, it’s important to consider our rain gutters. Rain gutters may not seem like necessary asset, but they are. Rain gutters are responsible for carrying excess water away from the home. A rain gutter system is working efficiently when it is situated at the edge of the roof line, and collects the water falling on the top of the home, and carries it away in its gutters to eventual downspouts. It’s a simple system. But the problem with gutters is that they can get clogged, by the leaves from the trees, by branches, etc. The water in the gutters may freeze and cause all sorts of problems to the roofline, or to the gutter systems in general. The gutters could become dislodged or loosened away from the roofline of the house, or an eventual ice dam could form, and an ice dam could have the potential of forcing water into your home.

So, what do we do about our rain gutters? First of all, you should clean the gutters. If the gutters are within reach of a ladder (please be careful when you are using a ladder, and make sure to have someone spot you, holding the ladder, hopefully preventing it from tipping over with you on it) go up and clean out the debris, the leaves, etc. Inspect the gutters from the ladder: determine if the gutters are in good shape, if they are sitting at the edge of the roofline, and are adequately catching the draining water. If so, you’re in good shape for the winter, if not, you might want to consider having the gutters fixed or replaced, before the long Montana winter sets in.

If you are in need of gutter repair, or for a whole new gutter system, Bruce Tall Construction can help. One possible addition to a new gutter system is a leaf guard, which situates over the top of the gutter, allowing water to still flow in, but preventing the leaves from getting in, thereby all but eliminating the need to clean the gutters next year.

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Winterizing The Roof Checklist

Winter will be here before you know it, and it can do a number on your roof if you aren’t prepared for it. Before the snow starts to fall, take special precautions with these roof winterization tips.

Inspect Your Roof
Before you do anything else, you will want to make sure that your roof is in good condition. You can inspect with binoculars from the ground if you have to, but the best way to get a good look at your roof is to climb on top of it. Look for issues such as missing, bald and cracked shingles, damaged flashing, moss growth and clogged gutters. If you see any serious issues, contact a roofing contractor to get them fixed as soon as possible. 

Keep Your Gutters Clear
Your gutters are intended to drain water away from your roof. They may not work as well with ice and snow, but they should be kept clean regardless. As the snow on your roof melts, it should drain safely via your gutters to the ground. Keep an eye on your gutters to make sure the water doesn’t freeze over and create an ice dam. That will cause water to pool in one place and do serious damage to your roof, especially if your shingles are damaged. 

Check Your Insulation
The insulation in your home will keep you warm during the winter, but it can also affect the state of your roof. Before it gets too cold and wet outside, have a contractor check the insulation in your attic to make sure it is in good condition. The last thing you want is to deal with wet or moldy insulation just underneath your roof.

While it is important to winterize your entire home before the snow starts to fall, your roof should definitely be a top priority. It is the most important part of your home’s structure, so you want to be sure it is in good condition sooner rather than later.

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Roofing Contractors Billings MT

Roofing Contractors Billings MT

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Did you experience hail damage during the recent storm? If you answered yes, realize that this time of year can create some extreme weather including large hail and winds that can not only damage property but can cause physical harm as well. Take shelter and be prepared.

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And while you are preparing, realize that with these storms come illegitimate roofing companies that look for ways to take advantage of homeowners just like when you are at your most vulnerable.

Make sure that you do your homework. Check references, every roofer should be able to provide the names and addresses of at least 2 clients/customers that they’ve done their roofs for. Make sure that any roofing contractor that you hire is licensed and bonded. Check with the Better Business Bureau.

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Signs of Fraud from Roofing Contractors Billings MT


If a roofing contractor offers to pay your insurance deductible, that is a huge red flag. DO NOT let anyone talk you into an inflated price and then promise you that they will just overcharge your insurance company to get enough money to pay for your roof including the deductible. That is insurance fraud and you will be liable.

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Signed Contract from Roofing Contractors Billings MT

Insist on a written contract before you allow a roofing contractor to start work on your house. Get a written estimate and DO NOT pay in cash. And only employ a licensed roofing contractor.

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