Becoming Eco-Friendly

Regardless of the side of the aisle you stand on in the current talk about global warming, I think it’s safe to say that most everyone has started to agree that eco-friendlier practices, such as green home construction/remodel, are becoming more important, and more prevalent in use.  The movement for the use of reclaimed lumber, for example (although trendy and hip), has been a huge benefit, although the costs of using it can be considerable, depending upon the project. But there are other ways to be more eco-conscious you may not think of. Here are a few (there are many, many more) to get you thinking about eco-friendlier remodel/building practices.

A clean jobsite
A clean work site is important, and there shouldn’t be trash everywhere, bottles from water and paper litter from building materials accumulating, blowing away with the wind, scattering throughout the neighborhood. A quality jobsite looks clean, professional.

Rehab old materials in a remodel
Often people consider remodels to be a complete tear down: thinking out with the old, etc. But consider the character that can be refurbished by rehabbing old materials such as windows.  Windows don’t always have to be replaced, but they can be rehabbed.  Brought up to the standards of more energy efficient models.  Some older windows in homes have so much character it would be an absolute shame to be rid of them. Also, shopping for materials like doorknobs or cabinet handles, drawer pulls, etc. is a great way to not only be eco-friendlier, but to bring character to your home.

Recycling is important for so many reasons, but when you have appliances you’ve replaced, and those appliances still work, consider donating them, or possible giving them away before sending them off to clutter the local landfill. If, however, the appliances are no longer in working order, it’s important to recycle them properly. Consider taking it to a proper recycling center.

There are many other ways to be more eco-conscious, including adopting newer technologies such as solar panels, etc. If you have any questions as to the process of getting started in some of these new technologies, give Bruce Tall Construction a call.

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Options for Fireplaces In Your Home

A fireplace in the home is both invitingly beautiful and comfortable.  Long winter nights here in Montana can be enjoyed in front of a warm blazing fire.  And today’s modern homeowner has multiple options to choose from when considering either the purchase of a new fireplace, or the replacement of one.

While technically there are many different types of fireplaces today (There are even options like electrical fireplaces which have a certain inherent beauty and warmth to them, and can be easily purchased at almost any big box-type store today) for the purposes of this article, we’re only going to be considering both the wood burning and the gas fireplace.

Wood burning fireplaces and wood burning stoves are classic and can conjure a bit of nostalgia for many.  There are pros and cons to this type of fireplace, with the major con being that a wood burning fireplace needs a chimney for venting, so, if your home doesn’t have a chimney already in place, the cost to build one will be considerable.
Also, wood is not a readily available resource and you will either have to go somewhere to purchase it, or you will have to gather it yourself with a permit.  But to use wood as a fuel source is also a pro, considering that wood gathered legally with a permit can also be considered free.
A wood burning stove insert into an old fireplace box is also another option.  Also, wood burning stoves can be placed in most areas of the home, and don’t require a full-scale chimney for venting.  Also, the wood burning fireplace will require more maintenance than the gas fireplace, and this maintenance should be performed by a professional.

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Gas Fireplaces are becoming the norm, and for a good reason: the fuel source is already active in most any new home.  Connect to the gas line with the fireplace and you’re up and running.  Gas inserts have become common additions to homes with older fireplace boxes; this allows the homeowner to keep the charm of the original fireplace.  A major pro to a gas fireplace is that it does not require a full-scale chimney for venting.

Our recommendation is to consider the type of fuel that most makes sense for you to burn.  If you don’t want the hassle of wood, go with the gas fireplace.  However, if you would like the gravitas of wood crackling on a winter’s night, then choose the wood burning fireplace.