bathroom remodel billings mt

Bathroom Remodel Billings MT

Home DIY projects have become more popular with the advent of promotional television programming and the emergence of the big box store—the buy anything at anytime and take a class in home improvement before you leave.  But the truth is not all of us were meant for such big projects.  Some of us relish the time on the weekends, the week’s downtime-periods.  People golf, fish, hike, etc., instead of DIY some areas of their home.  But, when something needs remodeling, they need to call someone.  Home Based Innovations offers remodel services tailored to the homeowners needs and stylistic tastes.

One area of the home that receives considerable attention for remodel is the bathroom—especially master bathrooms.  This is probably because the master bathroom is the spa-like getaway, the place to relax in a tub, or wake in the morning under the refreshing hot water. 

Consider the bathroom floor.  What type of tile would represent your taste?  Would interlocking stone tiles create a lasting, comfortable impression, or would the small river-rock style of tile bring you home mentally into your favorite spa-retreat?  Then consider the shower surround.  Is there a shower surround made of tile or would you replace the shower with a claw foot soaker tub?

Bathroom Remodel Billings MT

A completely customized shower with a tiled wall and floor would impress anyone and become one of the most inviting areas in the home.  Away from the shower, consider the vanity and the number of sinks.  Most of today’s larger bathrooms include what is called a Jack and Jill sink basins in the vanity.  But the vanity itself could be customized to the hilt, including the style of the basins—raised bowl sinks and well sinks.

The countertop can be made of anything—this is an excellent place to splurge on marble countertops that will reap the reward both financially and aesthetically for the life of the home.  Also the vanity could be made from any time of wood, or even metal.  The industrial vanity look is in, but wood definitely creates a homier, more comfortable feel. 

Regardless of your aspirations, just know that you have someone to call when your ready for such a remodel.     

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