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The hot water heater is dripping water from the spout, and the tank isn’t putting out any more hot water. It appears to be time for a new hot water heater. While gas, propane, and electric water heater all involve a similar practice for removal of the old and installation of the new water heater, this article will focus on the process of replacing a broken electric water heater.

Home Care Tips-Hotwater Heater RepairWhen your plumber has determined that the power to water heater is off, by turning it off on the circuit breaker, he will then drain the broken water heater. He will connect a hose to the drain valve and place the opposing end of the hose in a bucket or out a door or a window to drain the water to the outside of the home. When the water heater is drained, he will then disconnect all of the water lines and remove the old, broken water heater.

Most of the time, when a water heater breaks, a plumber will replace the old water heater with one that is exactly the same size. This is good practice, if, indeed, the old hot water heater was useful for the household prior to breaking, because all of the existing water lines and immediate are that housed the water heater will remain the same. The plumber will then install the water lines onto the new hot water heater, soldering pipe where necessary. Then, he will open the cold water supply valve and fill up the tank. With the tank full, he will run the hot water on a faucet. The objective of this is to fill the tank full of water, because if the power is connected to an empty tank, the upper heating element could burn out. So, he will continue to run the hot water for three minutes.

The plumber will then check the hot water heater for leaks and set the thermostat. He will probably keep the thermostat set for the factory settings of one hundred and twenty degrees. With this setting, hot water wont seriously burn the skin, but, in areas like the kitchen, that temperature will kill viruses like salmonella.

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