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Luxury Log Homes

Log homes are as beautiful as they are practical. While conventional—also known as stick built homes—are the norm, log homes can be equally as practical to build, as efficient to heat, and its appearance should withstand the test of time—you don’t have to repaint the logs, or worry about weather damaging your siding. While log homes are often viewed as luxury homes, or even antiquated, abandoned structures, or possibly simple vacation homes, some timbered structure tucked back in some remote nook in the mountains of Montana; log homes are actually more then capable of being a forever “live-in” type of home.

luxury home construction billings mt, Luxury Log Homes

Luxury Log Homes

One major advantage to a log home build is how it will make the person living in it feel. A house is a uniquely personal thing, and for those of you that have a strong desire to live in a log home, there’s nothing like the feeling of tall timbered walls, and lots of natural light.

One definite pro of owning a log home is the durable nature of the construction. Log homes withstand most anything mother nature throws at it, and, even though it may seem counterintuitive, log homes are better in a fire then a stick built home. Because of their overall mass, logs are difficult to burn (when you start a fire you start it with tiny bits of kindling before the big logs, because the big logs wont burn until the fire is at its hottest). Timbered walls and a metal roof can defiantly outlast the homes inhabitants, leaving the home to be passed down generationally.

People view log homes as “green homes”, because log homes are built from a renewable resource. However, logs do have a lower insulation rating (R-factor) then a conventional home with insulation between the studs, but logs do hold in more residual heat, which doesn’t necessarily translate to a higher R-Factor, at least not by ratings, but logs can take the heat in from the sun during the day and release the heat at night, which, in some climates, significantly increases the R-Factor.

Today’s homeowner has a plethora of choices for a new home build. Log homes are definitely a great option, for the person for which nothing else will do.


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Renewable Energy

Recently, more and more people have turned to solar panel technology to help to power their homes. While many climate activists have been arguing for the advent of this technology for several decades, it is officially becoming a common thing, as Americans look to conserve more and more energy in an attempt to possibly avert some of the possible damaging effects of climate change.

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Hail Damage

Billings, MT has entered the hail damage season. Some of the storms of the last few years have produced serious damage throughout the Billings area. Even the smallest hailstones can create wear on roof shingles – a hailstone that is only 1cm can impact your home at 20 mph. Needless to say there are no ways to protect your home against a hailstorm, especially your roof, however not all hailstorms cause tremendous damage. Sometimes the damage is very minor, although the minor damage can decrease the life of your home’s roof. Hailstones can pick away at the mineral granules in the shingles of the roof and this can cause a problem for any homeowner.

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Wood and Concrete Decks

Wood decks are beautiful, but they will need to be replaced after a few decades due to warped or rotting wood. Products like Trex decking have the same appearance as wood, but without the extra hassles. But, until wood decks became the trend, concrete was king. For those who customize everything in and around their home to fit their needs, personality, etc., concrete makes a statement. Concrete is fully customizable and it will outlast the wood deck by decades.

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hail and storm damage restoration billings mt

Home Care Tips-Hot Water Heater

The hot water heater is dripping water from the spout, and the tank isn’t putting out any more hot water. It appears to be time for a new hot water heater. While gas, propane, and electric water heater all involve a similar practice for removal of the old and installation of the new water heater, this article will focus on the process of replacing a broken electric water heater.

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