Radiant Flooring

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Radiant floor heating has been around for a long time. It is an efficient way to heat a home and it is also a quiet way to heat a home: no vents moaning with the air from a furnace in the middle of the night; no clanking of a radiator. A radiant floor system is completely invisible because the heating system is built beneath the floor.

Also, a Radiant Floor system heats the entire room from the ground up—there wont be any hot and cold pockets. A conventional furnace blows hot air into a room, the hot air then rises, and this can result in a warm head and cold feet. Also, a furnace will turn off when the thermostat has reached the preset temperature, and, as soon as the temperature is reached, the room begins to cool back down again. A Radiant Floor system keeps the heat at a constant temperature.


A Radiant floor heating system heats the home through either tubes heated with hot water or by electrical wires. Both systems run beneath the floor and heat a room from the ground up. The hot water based systems heat water in a broiler or water heater and circulate the hot water through ½ inch polyurethane tubing under the floor. This type of system is very popular and when it is compared to a conventional furnace, it is much more efficient. Electric Radiant floor heat is a series of coiled wires. Usually systems that use electrical components are designed for one room of the home, like the bathroom.

When the Radiant floor heat is installed any type of flooring can go over the top of it. Tile, hardwood and laminate all work well. Carpet, however, is not always the best choice because carpet is insulated. You wouldn’t want to insulate against your heating system.

Radiant Floor heat is more expensive then heat from a conventional furnace, up to fifty percent more expensive. However, while the initial cost is more, the savings on energy bills will eventually recoup initial cost and then some.


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