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The Montana countryside is full of barns. Ranch-style barns are an icon of the American West. Some of the barns you’ll see on the landscape were erected a century ago. Most barns are erected in two different styles: pole barns and steel reinforced barns. Pole barns are traditional structures in which poles are buried in the ground and used as supports for the roof. This type of construction is simple, although it’s definitely not a rugged, durable form of construction—but pole barns will continue to stand, with luck, for decades to come. Steel constructed barns, which give the appearance of pole barns, but with the added bonus of being truly durable, should continue to stand the test of time for the next century.

commercial construction billings mt, Steel Buildings Billings MT

There’s a few differences in the construction of both pole barns and steel-reinforced barns. Steel reinforced barns are constructed using steel columns that attach to a concrete foundation. Because of modern machinery, this makes the construction of the barn’s frame a quick process—quicker then a pole barn’s construction. The speed with which a steel reinforced barn can be built also makes the construction costs for the steel reinforced barn much cheaper. The steel barn frame is also highly weather resistant and resistant to mold. There’s no need for maintenance to the steel barn construction, and painting is not needed.

Steel barn frames are more expensive to build. It’s the upfront costs. Pole barns are less money to initially build, however there are other costs to consider for the life of the barn. A pole barns will need maintenance at some point in it’s life.   Steel reinforced barns also may not last as long as the steel reinforced barn, so there could be replacements costs, depending on the initial quality of the construction of the pole barn.

Steel reinforced barns are also much better for livestock. Pole barns can develop unsanitary conditions for the animal due to the style of the barn’s construction. A steel reinforced barn is a much better choice when the barn is to be used to house animals.

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